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Friday, 9 September 2011

Navi Firm Ex v1.5 - Easier Way to Download Latest Nokia Firmware Files

NaviFirmEx is similar to NaviFirm+ while NaviFrimEx has certain advantages:
  •     No need to install .Net Framework because it written in C++.
  • With the Download Manager & Multithread downloads, you can easily manager your download tasks.
  • You can see every tasks' speeds.
  • You don't need to wait one task to finish and then start another.
  • While downloading, you can pause, delete any download task.
  • If you don't have the time to download files. It's Ok, you just close NaviFirmEx, and run the next time, NaviFirmEx will continue the unfinished tasks (if you want).
  • If you only interested in the latest firmware, all you need to do is enter the code and type the Enter key! You don't to need to find it by the normal way
  • NaviFirmEx supports language. You can make your own kind of language under the NaviFirmEx language rules. Just put it to "lang" directory, NaviFirmEx will find it out. (NaviFirmEx contains Simplified Chinese & English by default release pack.)
  • NaviFirmEx supports phone image. It will show the picture when you select a product. (PS: Not every server supports the images)
  • NaviFirmEx is Open Source, you can make it to yourself under the GNU license.
  • NaviFirmEx tries to make more friendly to you, hope you like it.

Click below to download 


Anonymous said...

thank you for your help, i really need a good navifirm so that to download firm ware for my cell phone. i many time download a new fw by some navifirms in the internet but it is not ok and now i want to try NavifirmEx

pinku verma said...

good bro

pinku verma said...

it is ok

pinku verma said...

ok bro

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